Unmentioned side effects

There’s a lot of symptoms that come along with this disease. Many, the doctors don’t know about, or just don’t bother to mention. There are a lot of things that I forgot happened in 6th grade, when she was first diagnosed, that are happening again.

When I was home for break I wrote down a lot about how my mother was acting. You wouldn’t notice these ‘symptoms’ if you were only around her for a couple hours, but living with her, you end up noticing a lot.

These first symptom: ‘Energy of a dropped Soda’

Anxiety, I can only describe it as frustrating. The anxiety always keeps her on the move. She can never sit still, always jumping in the car, or cleaning the house. Her hands have to keep moving, so her mind doesn’t. The amount of energy is enough to make you understand why, and also enough to set your nerves on edge.

Symptom #2: ‘Firecracker Fuse’

I had forgotten about how it was the first time around, and its not her fault because its just a result of all the pint up energy. There was one moment over the break that I felt so bad for my youngest brother because he did what any teenage boy does and smarted off to my mom. The poor boy was not expecting such a large retaliation, but he had his ass handed to him on a silver platter. Along with the anxiety comes the snap of the temper, not from medicine or the actual disease, but just from the amount of stress that is put on ones mind and body.

Symptom #3: ‘Mood swings from lucifer’

God bless my wonderful boyfriend, because this symptom is all me and he takes the brunt of it way more than he should. (He’ll never see this, but thanks for sticking with me and my insane mood swings. You’re seriously the best) When things don’t go my way, or are out of place, I cant help but get so annoyed and mad. Not only are my mood swings crazy, but they’re almost childish to me when I look back on why I got so mad and upset. Example : Tonight my boyfriend and I miscommunicated on hanging out, making it to where I was waiting around for him to text me, when he had no idea I wanted to hangout, leaving me fuming and him way too apologetic.

More to come in the future. Thanks everyone for the follows and likes, it means a lot.



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