Birthday Surprises

Hi everyone! Its been a while. School and volleyball are making it somewhat hard to keep up with the blog, so thanks for staying with me!

Last week was my mothers birthday!

My dad and I formed a plan to meet in Nashville and surprise her. I spent over 6ish hours in planes and the airport, and finally arrived at the Nashville airport around 10 on Friday night. Due to my schedule, and theirs, I could only stay for Friday and Saturday night with them in Nashville, but we had a lot of fun. She was so happy and surprised to see me there, and seeing her so happy was very rewarding.

If I’m being honest, it was a weird visit. Mom was overly positive and telling of how open she has been with others about her chemo and her journey. I guess it is weird to me, because here at school I try to dodge conversation of how she is and treatments, just because I don’t like to throw the truth on people.

My mom looks great, and I did need to see that she was doing ok with my own eyes. I think she will be losing her hair in the next week or two. Once when she was drying her hair this weekend, I looked down on the bathroom floor and it was covered with quite a bit more hair than usual.

She did buy a wig the other day though, and her hair stylist was able to cut it just like how her hair looks now, and so once she starts wearing it, it’ll just look like she got a dye job!

She has seemed to wrap her head around all of it again, which I’m very thankful for. My brother is going with her tomorrow to her treatment, and I’ve cried more about him having to go to the treatment with her more than I have anything else. I pray my brothers are able to handle everything.

Again, I’ll be better about keeping up with my posts and I’m working on another one that will go up by the weekend!

Thank you all and I hope everyone had a great V-day!





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