8 Years

Well, here is another Thursday in the books. My mom had her second chemo treatment today. Yesterday she had a minor surgery to put in a stint so they no longer have to search for a vein.

Dad said she cried a lot about the stint, and mostly just because its a milestone that we didn’t want to reach this soon. My dad and I talked about it and in the long run it will probably be a blessing because after years of shots and blood work, she will no longer cringe at the thought of being prodded multiple times.

She said something to me before I left that struck me and I have been thinking about it a lot. From when she was first diagnosed, to her second diagnosis, we have been dealing with this for a solid 8 years. She have been fighting some sort of breast cancer for 8 years.

I have to admit, I’m pretty mad at God right now (and its not easy for me to put the fact that I’m  mad at him out there). My family needs my mother here, my two brothers count on her everyday, I want to hear her voice everyday, I always need her advice, and she doesn’t deserve this.

I always see people posting on social media about the power of prayer and how this person was ‘healed’ and how God has performed miracles on that person and the next. So I’m gonna be a little shit head and ask Him, “can you send a little bit of it our way too?”

But I guess we are all kind of mad at Him for something, so I might as well jump in line.



2 thoughts on “8 Years”

  1. I was once lost and questioned why this had happened to me. I didn’t understand why God had me go through this. My kids are still so young, they need me, my family need me. Then I realized that I can’t control any of this and the more I try to fight to be in control the more I was stressed out. A few weeks later I throw in my towel and surrender. I let God take over and just guide me through. I just prayed a lot and really just believe. I know it’s hard to see it now and to even accept Him in your life. The book, Prayers in Paradise got me through to Him. My prayers for you, your mom and especially your family.


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