Back at School

Hi everyone!

I am back at school and as far as I can tell, this semester will be busy and quite a bit of fun.

I had an interesting conversation with my boyfriend last night about the gifts that people think are acceptable to give a cancer patient. His mother also had breast cancer a few years ago but is a survivor and in good health!

Why do people think it is acceptable to give a cancer patient something with pink ribbons all over if? Or even a shirt that says fighter, survivor, etc.? My mother received many different shirts and cups over the break that had something to do with breast cancer, and many she’s going to end up giving away with the tags still on them.

Its frustrating because people don’t really realize that we don’t want bracelets with breast cancer symbols on them, or mugs, or shirts, and everything else. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want a mug that’s going to remind me of all the hard times, suffering, and frustration that came along with those pink ribbons every time I take a sip of my coffee.

So, just a reminder that giving a cancer patient or the family of a cancer patient, something that glorifies the terrible disease isn’t a good idea.



3 thoughts on “Back at School”

  1. In college, my fiancee and I had lots of “friends”….they all seemed to disappear when they found out she had ovarian cancer.

    How I would have appreciated the gift of someone hanging out with me.


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